Sunday, May 20, 2007

50 Cent: 'Rap Lyrics Reflect Harsh Realities Of Life'.

50 Cent: 'Rap Lyrics Reflect Harsh Realities Of Life'.... 50 Cent is refusing to give in to critics calling for rappers to clean up their lyrics, insisting expletives used in the music are simply reflective of the "harsh realities" of life. Hip-hop stars have come under attack for their regular use of words like 'n**ger', 'ho' and 'bitch', particularly after the Don Imus controversy last month (Apr07), where the American DJ referred to a female basketball team as "nappy headed hoes". But 50 - real name Curtis Jackson - has vowed never to bow to the pressure of critics, because they can't relate to the hardship most rappers have had to deal with in their youths. He says, "Music is a mirror, and hip-hop is a reflection of the environment that we grew up in. It's the harsh realities that end up in the music. "If I ask you to paint a picture of the American flag and not use the colour red, you're gonna have a difficult time. "To capture what we try to capture in the art form, I'm sure some conservative Americans can't (identify) with it because of their lifestyle and the way they've actually been brought up, and they haven't been exposed to those realities." And the Candy Shop hitmaker took the opportunity to poke fun at Master P, who has chosen to stop using racist and sexist language in his music. He adds, "Well Master P doesn't sell CDs anymore. You can tell him I said it."

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