Sunday, May 20, 2007

Ryan Phillippe shacking up with Britney Spears?!

After being strung along by Lindsay Lohan and Ashlee Simpson, it appears Britney is next in line for Ryan Phillipe - who has been shacking up with the worst of 3am drunks since splitting with Reese Witherspoon. On Tuesday the pair were getting close while partying at Hollywood’s Les Deux nightclub. "Britney hung out with her friends and her security guard in the VIP area of the club," reported "She looked really happy. Ryan was there too and they left within two minutes of each other at 3am." Apparently the pair were dancing away for much of the night, but it’s the leaving within 2 minutes of each other routine that screams sexcapade. It’s so, so obvious. Does he know she’s actually bald??

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