Sunday, May 20, 2007

Nicole Richie is a Diva

I’m not sure why Nicole Richie is famous. I know who her father is, and I know that she does nothing and wrote a shitty book about her life (and she’s not even 30.. what is that all about?!), but none of that leads up to fame. At least when she was thick and friends with Paris Hilton back in the 2001’s to 2003’s she was famous for doing drugs and being in trouble with the law. Not saying that’s a good thing, but that’s better than being known as an anorexic mooch with a bad work ethic. And now reports are surfacing that she is a little bit of a diva, telling producers on the set of The Simple Life that they only have her for an hour. Ha. During the shoot, we’re told Nicole constantly showed up late, and upon swanning in would impose a deadline on producers, saying “You’ve got me for an hour or two.” Our sources also say that Richie upped her unreasonable behavior to another level during the final shoot of the season, when the all-important “show open” was being taped. Nicole turned up “several hours late” with boyfriend Joel Madden, and then gave producers another impossible deadline. After a serious blow-out argument, we’re told producers had to call her agents just to get her to stay on-set

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