Sunday, May 20, 2007

Naomi Watts due in August

Naomi Watts, who is pregnant with fellow actor Liev Schreiber’s baby, is looking pretty big these days. She is due August 2nd. I wonder what they will name the baby? Better yet, I wonder when they will get married? Or if they will? They seem like a good couple, like maybe Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner or something. I hope they don’t name their baby some weird ass name like Apple of Fifi. Here’s something quite weird. I googled Naomi Watts, in hopes to find out something interesting or unique about her, and one of the top three search results was called The Naomi Watts Experience at That’s a weird title for your website, don’t you think? When I think of something being an experience, I think of the Brita Water Filter Experience or the Total Kamasutra Experience. But not just Naomi Watts. Sort of makes you wonder if it’s her site or someone else pretending that it’s hers. You never know. Anyway, I hope she has an easy birth and that their child is healthy and happy. And since Liev is American and Naomi is Australian, let’s hope they come up with a relatively normal name. But Naomi, if you’re reading this, don’t take the name Ichabod! That’s mine

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