Saturday, April 14, 2007

Fergie wigs Furtado

Fergie has accused Nelly Furtado of wearing a wig. The 32-year-old singer makes the hair-raising claim in her song 'Impacto', her latest collaboration with rapper Daddy Yankee.In a reference to Nelly's worldwide hit 'Promiscuous' - which apparently contained lyrics attacking Fergie - she sings: "I ain't promiscuous, the realest chick up in this. I'm a pull your wig back!" This is not the first time Fergie has mocked the Canadian star in her lyrics. In her hit 'Fergalicious' she also sings that she isn't "promiscuous". Fergie - real name Stacy Ferguson - has recently enjoyed some good-humoured banter with another Canadian singer, Alanis Morisette. Alanis recorded a moody, down-beat version of the Black Eyed Peas' hit 'My Humps' and the video - in which she dresses up as Fergie and shakes her 'hump' before beating up gangster-style men - has become a You Tube sensation.Fergie was so impressed with the video she sent Alanis a butt-shaped cake. Rosa Leung, 52, of Los Angeles bakery Exotic Cakes, who created the rude calorific treat, said: "A note on the flesh-coloured cake read, 'Alanis, you're a genius. Love, Fergie.'

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