Monday, April 9, 2007

Fergie's Drug Therapy And Bedroom Tricks.

Fergie's Drug Therapy And Bedroom Tricks.... The Black Eyed Peas star Fergie still sees a therapist in a bid to banish the demons of her troubled past. During her late teens and early twenties the singer was involved in Los Angeles' gang culture and became addicted to crystal methamphetamine. Although she successfully kicked her drug habit and turned her life around, the singer - real name Stacy Ferguson - insists she still needs help. The 31-year-old tells Playboy, "I went to therapy. I still go. I need to. I went to Narcotics Anonymous. I went to Crystal Meth Anonymous. Hypnotherapy helped me a lot. I love it. The first time I went was hilarious. I told the doctor I didn't want to do any of that hypnosis s**t; I just wanted regular therapy. The next time I went in I was biting my nails, so I told her I'd been biting my nails and wanted to try hypnotherapy. I went into the chair, and it was amazing. It completely worked." Meanwhile in other news the sexy Black Eyed Peas star likes to spice up bedroom sessions with boyfriend Josh Duhamel by donning a range of saucy outfits.Click here to find out more! The Glamorous singer reveals she and her man like to slow dance before make-out sessions, and she always dresses up for the occasion. Fergie giggles, "I do it all... He bought me these amazing boots at the Hustler store. They're thigh-high black patent leather with a big long zipper. "They're hard to get on but they're worth it."

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