Thursday, March 8, 2007

Hurley does it early, marries Arun Nayar


BIG FAT WEDDING: Hundreds of Hurley and Nayar's celebrity guests will witness a "blessing" service for a long and happy married life on Saturday night (AFP Photo)

LONDON: After all the hype and high drama over Liz and Arun Nayar's nuptials, the headline news coming out of the idyllic and stately 15th-century western England wedding venue is 'Hurley does it early'.

The model and actress, hitherto famous more for her safety-pinned, cleavage-baring dresses and doomed romantic liaisons than any histrionic ability, married her Indo-Teutonic beau of four years on Friday, in a secret ceremony that took wedding guests, press and public by surprise.

Local authorities in the English county of Gloucester confirmed (ON SATURDAY) that Hurley married Nayar a day earlier than planned, in an intimate ceremony attended by just two people closest to them.

Celebrity-watchers said the move to "go private" was an extraordinary one for Hurley, who lives her life in the spotlight and whose faltering acting career and more-successful fashion business depend on lots of publicity. But many believe Hurley and Mumbai boy Nayar were focussed - and successful - at outwitting the paparazzi massed outside the irredeemably grand 15th century Sudeley castle complete with original Rubens and Van Dyck paintings, which has been loaned to the actress by a friend for the first leg of a week-long, bi-continental, champagne-fuelled wedding extravaganza expected to cost £ 2 million.

The notoriously celebrity-obsessed magazine 'Hello' is understood to have done a one-million-pound deal with the couple for exclusive rights to cover their wedding even though "the curse of Hello" is supposed to extend to all celebrities incautious enough to encourage its intrusion into their big day. All Hurley and Nayar's guests have signed a confidentiality agreement.

The private wedding was conducted by Anne Williams, county superintendent registrar for Gloucestershire, reportedly in a registry office. The Daily Mirror tabloid quoted a "source" to say "(Liz and Arun) wanted to enjoy their wedding night alone. She lives her life in a goldfish bowl and this was a very precious moment."

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