Thursday, March 29, 2007

Paris Lost Her Virginity to Who?

You'd better sit down for this one. According to Rush and Malloy, Paris' first was none other than Randy Spelling! Yes, Tori's brother and Aaron's turtle-looking son had the honor of going where no man had gone before, and where thousands of men have been since. If was way back when, when Paris actually had a curfew and was under some adult supervision. "We were together for like two months," Randy told R&M. "We went to Palm Springs once for the weekend, and we couldn't check into the hotel under her name because her grandma was looking for her. She was like 15; I was 17. And what do you know, I hear this knock-knock-knock on the door, and I look out and her grandma's there. And then I look out the window and I see Paris in a full-on dress with a suitcase running down the golf course. We broke up like a week later." Agent David Weintraub said that Aaron's heir revisited the party later on in life, as well, "Randy was Paris' number one and her number 50 and number 150." According to Randy, Paris will always have a place in her heart for him, which was illustrated when the duo ran into each other in L.A. recently. "She came up to me and she was like, 'I want to say hi to Randy,' " he boasted. "She was like, 'Randy took my virginity. I want to say hi!'" Aw, what a sweet story. Two baby rich kids getting it on for the first time. Such a storybook romance.

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