Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Kylie Finds Love In The Ring?.

Kylie Finds Love In The Ring?.... Australian pop star Kylie Minogue has sparked rumours that she's over her break up with Olivier Martinez - by spending time with a young, hot boxing sensation. Minogue, 38, who split with Martinez in January (07), is said to be spending time with British cruiserweight champ David Haye. Haye, 26, is said to have helped the singer get into shape following her successful battle with breast cancer. A source tells British newspaper The People, "Kylie was heartbroken over Olivier and has needed her friend more than ever. "David has been there for her 100 per cent and he now views her as one of his closest female friends. "He has taken her out and cheered her up when she has been feeling down."

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