Monday, March 12, 2007

Sienna Miller's rabbit sex

Sienna Miller enjoys watching rabbits have sex.

The 'Factory Girl' star got in trouble at her boarding school when she was just nine for mating her pet rabbit with another pupil's bunny.

Sienna said: "I was nine and at my first boarding school when I got caught mating my rabbit.

"I had this gorgeous rabbit called Daisy and I picked out the one I wanted, which belonged to one of the other girls, for her. I got them out of their hutches - you were obviously not allowed to put them together - put them in a travel basket, ran behind the shed, let them do it and got caught.

"At least we got a f**king bunny out of it.Meanwhile, Sienna has revealed her motto for 2007 is to be a sl*t.The 'Factory Girl' star insists she has an unfair reputation as a maneater and is so fed up she has decided to live up to the rumours.
Sienna said: "Apparently, I've s***ged half of Hollywood. And it's not true. This year is the Year of the Sl*t! Spread 'em! That's my motto for 2007.

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